02 Mar

Yoga Weight Loss Program

  We are constantly asked by our students if Yoga can make you lose weight and while we say yes, many still seem sceptical. This is because we are so used to associating weight loss with extreme workouts, diets and medication. Whereas Yoga appears to be a gentle and slow form of exercise that just […]

01 Mar

Ep 10: The Finale

All good things must come to an end. So marks the conclusion of the Australian 120 Day Weight Loss Challenge. We are proud to have 3 wonderful and inspiring ladies participate in the challenge. They are looking absolutely amazing and we are very excited to unveil the winner!

09 Feb

Ep 9: Yoga Pays Off

The last episode before the BIG finale! Sadly, one of our contestant exits the challenge early due to a medical procedure. We wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her at the finale. 120 days is almost over. The ladies have come a long way and all their efforts have paid off. […]

26 Jan

Ep 8: The End Is Almost Near

With only 2 weeks to go, it’s time to fire up the routines. This week, we take you through some of the advanced poses and variations to help strengthen and tone the muscles of the body.

12 Jan

Ep 7: A New Leader Emerges

Weight loss is often unpredictable. We may have a really good week of consistent Yoga practice coupled with a healthy diet but for some reason the scales just don’t to want to budge. We have seen this happen so many times throughout the challenge which unfortunately for our contestants can be extremely de-motivating. Throughout this […]

05 Jan

Sugar N Spice N Everything Nice

by Shareeza SS Faruqui I have a sweet tooth. I’ll make no apologies for it! Unfortunately, when you are on a quest to lose weight, the first thing that is cut from your diet is carbohydrates and sugar!!! Inevitable, this means all that is sweet and wonderful in this world!!! Therefore, in my quest to […]

29 Dec

Ep 6: More Weight Loss!

Another episode with fantastic results! We visit Sumi at our studio in Malaysia to see how she is going and once again she amazes us with her efforts. As it turns, you can be on holiday and still lose weight through Yoga. Back in Melbourne, Renuka and Shanti’s hard work are paying off as they […]

22 Dec

Ep 13: We Come To The End

After many months of gruelling Yoga sessions, self discipline, healthy eating and perseverance, the Malaysian Weight Loss Challenge has finally come to an end. Congratulations to our final 2 contestants, Shareeza and Kanishta who successfully battled it out until the end. Watch the final episode to see who takes home a lifetime membership with Maya […]

17 Dec

Ep 5: The Half Mark

We are now halfway through the challenge and our contestants are continuing to shed more weight. We also meet Shahrean, their instructor, who tells us how she feels working with the Sumi, Renuka and Shanti.

15 Dec

Ep 12: The Battle is Almost Over!

We have 9 days left to go! Shareeza and Kanishta are both very confident they will win this challenge. However, there can only be one winner! Who do you think is going to take home a lifetime membership with Maya Yoga Samudraa? The final live weigh in will be posted on the 22nd December 2010! […]

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